More than dropping: The great escape

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Friday, October 25, 2013 - 20:00

On Friday October 25th 2013 the long awaited dropping will take place!

Register quickly below! Places are limited to 24 participants, a minimum of 16 participants is required in order to let the event take place.

What is a dropping?

A standard dropping is a 'game' in which participants are 'blindfolded' and brought to a place from which they have to reach a certain point of return, using a map, compass, (but no GPS)...

What is 'more' to it?

This dropping has a 'quest/competition' attached, making it a kind of 'night game'.

A good night fun is ensured!

Practical info

We'll gather at the entrance of ESAT at 20h and we'll be (hopefully) back at midnight.

It can be cold so dress warm and prepare for eventual rain.

Wear clothes that can handle some 'dirty' experiences (mud): walking through the woods is likely.

A disguise as a 'Walloon' can be of interest... (see invitation letter/mail sent to registered participants)

A flashlight is highly recommended, which is not your cellphone.

Cellphones will be put in a sealed envelope, which you can take along but only use in case of emergency (to prevent the use of GPS).

More info will follow.


The dangers of participating should be limited: mainly 'walking and running on dark terrain/streets...'.

Be responsible throughout the game wrt. to yourself and others: SAFETY FIRST!

e.g. Crossing a highway is NEVER allowed nor something we expect from participants, be cautious when crossing streets, escpecially in the dark...

Participation is at your own risk.

The organisation is not responsible for eventual accidents and can not be held responsible for all physical or material damage.

De organisatie is niet verantwoordelijk voor gebeurlijke ongevallen en kan niet voor alle lichamelijke en materiële schade aansprakelijk gesteld worden

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