The Internet-of-Things

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 - 18:30


On Wednesday the 25th of March, the IEEE student branch Leuven and FITCE Belgium invites you to a Soirée Technique on the Internet-of-Things.
The event will start at 18:30 until 20:30, with a reception afterwards.

Location: Aud A, Departement Elektrotechniek ESAT Kasteelpark Arenberg 10, Heverlee


For more information regarding the program:

18u30: Internet of Things: Connecting and Sensing Everything – Sofie Pollin and Marian Verhelst, KU Leuven

The Internet of Things relies on sensing, computation and communication in objects surrounding people in their everyday life: from simple objects to cars to wearable electronics. These pervasive systems will enable a tsunami of novel applications to improve environment monitoring, health supervision or elderly assistance, to name a few. However, this exploding use of ubiquitous sensors gives rise to new challenges: The sensory data deluge, originating from the massive deployment of sensors, clogs wireless communication networks and overloads processors. Luckily, the same sensory data can be reused to enable more efficient operation of communication, sensing and processing resources, by making them context-aware, conscious of the environment they operate in and the data they are handling. In this talk, we will give an overview of communication and processing challenges for IoT, show how they are interlinked, and how context-awareness can help to overcome important bottlenecks.

19u10: Internet of Everything, transforming Multiple Vertical Businesses - Frank De Reymaeker, Cisco

During this talk, Frank will elaborate on Cisco's vision on the Internet of Everything taking form and become reality, worldwide but also in Europe. The Internet of Everything will transform markets such as energy, transportation and manufacturing, change the way governments and cities are engaging with their citizens, and allow retail, sports & entertainment to create new forms of experiences for us as consumers. Frank will use real life examples from projects, discussions, Cisco's research centers, and new solution developments, of both the Internet of Things and the Internet of Everything markets.

19u50: Nightmare on connected street – Utku Gunay from Alcatel-Lucent

The proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming visible at home, in the city, within enterprises. Everything is connected and with all this connectivity, comes great responsibility. In this talk, we raise awareness on Privacy, Safety and Convenience threats IoT is currently facing. We argue that the wireless network can play an active role in minimising these threats, in particular with the advent of small cells.


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